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Air Conditioning, Heating, Refrigeration, and Indoor Air Quality Services in San Antonio, TX

You need to hire a contractor you can trust to handle all of your residential and commercial HVAC, indoor air quality, and refrigeration services. These appliances and systems are far too important to your comfort and your daily convenience to take any chances with. When you work with Shellaby A/C & Refrigeration, you can have confidence in the fact that every job completed is a job well done because we treat every job like we’re working on our own home.

Our Air Conditioning Installation Service

You need a great air conditioner if you are going to make it through our long, often scorching hot summer season comfortably. Using that air conditioner as much as you do, it is important that you keep it in prime working condition. Make us the company you call when it is time to schedule your air conditioning services. Regardless of the type of service that you need, you can rely on our trained technicians to provide you with the quality workmanship your AC deserves. Call now if your air conditioner is in trouble or it is time to schedule an installation.

AC Repair That Can’t Be Beat

As soon as you suspect that there is something wrong with your air conditioner, schedule air conditioning repair with a qualified professional. You don’t want to give any problems the time they need to worsen. The most minor issues are capable of doing serious damage if you allow them to, so call today

What’s Wrong with Your Heater?

A heater is every bit as vital as your air conditioning system is, even if it is not used quite as much. Don’t allow your heater to slip into disrepair or to be improperly installed. Let us know when you are ready to schedule any heating services. Our team is here to ensure that everything is in great operating condition when it comes to your home heating system. Take no chances with your comfort this heating season.

We Install Gas and Electric Furnaces

Both electric and gas furnaces are great heating options, and we offer a great selection of each to choose from. Don’t allow anyone other than a trained professional to service or install your gas or electric furnace, though. With equipment this important, it is vital that your installation, repair, and maintenance services are of the highest quality.

Heat Pumps Are Highly Energy Efficient

There are quite a few options when it comes to heating your home, and certain systems offer unique benefits. Heat pumps, for instance, are capable of both heating and cooling your home. They also utilize the heat transfer principle in order to heat your home with outstanding efficiency, making use of the ambient heat in the air outside. We can install and service your heat pump if this interests you.

Is Poor Indoor Air Quality a Concern?

Everybody deserves to breathe clean, pure air, whether at work or at home. To achieve this goal, it may be necessary to schedule indoor air quality services with a trained professional. You may not realize that poor indoor air quality is the source of your problems, but it can have very negative impacts in a number of different ways. To improve your indoor air quality, contact the IAQ specialists on our team anytime.

We Install Dehumidifiers

In many instances, air can become too humid for comfort. This leads to muggy, heavy air, and can also result in damp conditions and even the promotion of biological pollutant growth. If you want to protect the quality of the air that you breathe, while also living in a much more pleasant environment, then you may have to consider the installation of a whole house dehumidifier.

Your Refrigeration Options

If you enjoy a cold beverage after a long day of work, grabbing a quick lunch out of a refrigerator at your local deli, or freezing leftovers for later use, then you are familiar with the many benefits that residential and commercial refrigeration systems have to offer. You are probably also aware of how inconvenient it can be when such equipment does not operate properly. Your refrigeration systems are not to be taken lightly. Don’t allow food to spoil in a lukewarm refrigerator or iced–over freezer. Schedule your refrigeration installation, repair, and maintenance services with a technician on our staff.

We Install and Repair Commercial HVAC Equipment in San Antonio

Commercial HVAC services of any kind demand the expertise and quality workmanship that only a trained, skilled technician can offer. No matter how big or small a commercial HVAC project may be, you need to leave the DIY enthusiasm at the gate. You may be handy, but tampering with your HVAC equipment on your own can lead to damaged equipment, problems with performance issues, and personal harm. The only way to ensure the safe, dependable operation of your commercial HVAC equipment is to schedule professional commercial HVAC services.


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