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Air Conditioning, Heating, Refrigeration, and Indoor Air Quality Services in Port Aransas, TX

Every Texan knows the trials and tribulations that accompany the attempt to maintain a comfortable living or working environment throughout the entire year. While the air conditioner is truly one of the most important pieces of equipment you could possibly own in this part of the country, you must also employ a great heater and, possibly, indoor air quality systems. To ensure that everything you need to keep your home or commercial property comfortable throughout the year is accounted for, schedule service with the Port Aransas, TX HVAC, refrigeration, and commercial HVAC experts at Shellaby A/C & Refrigeration. We are more than happy to provide you with the great products and outstanding services that you need to keep comfortable all year long.

Why You Need Professional Air Conditioning Service

If there is one piece of equipment that you really need to be able to count on here in Texas, it is your air conditioner. Regardless of the type of AC that you use in your home, it is important that a qualified professional handle your air conditioning installation, repair and maintenance services. That is simple to ensure, really. Just pick up your phone, punch in our number, and speak with one of our friendly representatives. We will accommodate any air conditioning service needs that you may have.

Call Us for AC Repair

Prompt air conditioning repair is necessary if you hope to minimize any negative impacts that problems with your air conditioner may have on the system as a whole. Don’t wait for your AC to break down before schedule repair service with a member of our team. Doing so only gives problems the time they need to do serious damage, while also allowing for a substantial disruption to your comfort.

Only Trust Your Heating System to a Professional

Don’t think for a moment that your heating system is any less important than your air conditioner. Yes, summertime is a lot more intense than our winters may be. However, things can still get uncomfortably cold during winter’s stretch. Make sure that you are able to keep warm consistently by scheduling all of your heating services in Port Aransas, TX with a member of our team. We have a great selection of heaters for you to choose from, and our technicians can expertly install and service all of them

We Offer Gas as well as Electric Furnaces

There are so many different heaters on the market that choosing one is a challenge in and of itself. Of course, there are some heaters that are fairly standard, and there is a reason for their popularity. Gas and electric furnaces are one such example. For a consistent, reliable, and efficient heating performance, it can be difficult to top a great furnace.

Considering a Heat Pump?

If you want to heat and cool your home with one convenient system, a heat pump is certainly well worth your consideration. By utilizing the heat transfer principle, heat pumps are able to remove heat from the air in your home during the summer, as well as to reverse their operation in order to use ambient heat from the air outside in order to warm your home during the winter. They are also highly energy efficient.

Don’t Underestimate Indoor Air Quality

Your indoor air quality in Port Aransas, TX, is just as important to your overall comfort as the temperature is. That is why you must supplement your HVAC system with indoor air quality products in certain situations. If you are not completely satisfied with your air quality, our IAQ specialists are here to help. Just give us a call today. We have what you need to clean up the air that you breathe in your home

Solve Your Humidity Problem with a Whole–House Dehumidifier

Are you suffering the effects of overly humid air? Does it seem like the air in your home is heavy and stuffy? Do you notice the development of condensation on your windows, or damp spots on your carpeting? If so, you may need to take advantage of a whole house dehumidifier in Port Aransas, TX. We will make sure that you get the full benefit of your dehumidifier’s capabilities.

We Offer Refrigeration Installation and Repair Services

The refrigeration equipment that you use in your home and your commercial property is integral to your convenience and the success of your business. That is why you must ensure that the you have the right equipment for your unique situation, and that it is installed and serviced by a knowledgeable, experienced technician. We can guarantee that this is the case when you hire us for all of your refrigeration service needs in Port Aransas, TX. Call now for freezers, walk–ins, beer and wine coolers, and restaurant prep tables.

Let Us Take Care of Your Commercial HVAC Equipment

A commercial HVAC system is a large, complex collection of many different components. Only a skilled professional can handle the installation, repair, and maintenance of such a system. The experts to call when you need any commercial HVAC services in Port Aransas, TX are the ones on our team. We have the training, tools, and experience necessary to complete any commercial HVAC services that you may need successfully.

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