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Refrigeration in Corpus Christi, TX by Shellaby A/C & Refrigeration

Modern conveniences have changed our lives in countless ways. Just think of all that you depend upon your electrical system for. It goes far beyond you lights and television: it is also what keeps your refrigeration appliances up and running. Refrigeration in Corpus Christi, TX, is truly one of the greatest luxuries that we enjoy. Whether it is your deep freezer that keeps the spoils of your hunting season fresh, or your beer cooler that you depend upon when the big game is happening, refrigeration is an indispensable part of modern living. We believe that this is something to take seriously, which is why the refrigeration experts at Shellaby A/C & Refrigeration are proud to offer such a great selection of refrigeration services and products to keep your food and drink in great condition. Call now to learn more.

Our experts at Shellaby A/C & Refrigeration offer quality refrigeration repair, installation, replacement, and maintenance services throughout the Corpus Christi area.

Refrigeration Installation and Replacement in Corpus Christi, TX

Do you own a commercial kitchen? Are you in need of a refrigerator installation or replacement service? Whatever your refrigeration needs may be, our technicians are here to help. It is important that you keep in mind that great refrigeration equipment is worth very little without great refrigeration services. No matter what type of refrigeration you are after – from refrigerators and freezers to commercial walk–in coolers and wine refrigerators – we are the technicians to trust. We will find a refrigeration unit that is the right size for your needs, and we will install it with the care necessary to ensure a great performance. You won’t have to worry about spoiled food or undersized appliances when you work with us. Whether you need a brand new refrigeration fixture, or the time has come to replace your existing equipment, we’ll make sure that the job is done right.

Refrigeration Repair and Maintenance in Corpus Christi, TX

It is inevitable that you are going to encounter some sort of trouble with any refrigeration equipment that you rely on. From burnt–out fan motors to refrigeration leaks and faulty door hinges, the fact is that any refrigeration appliance is going to run into some challenges over the course of its lifespan. The important thing is that you schedule refrigeration repairs as soon as the need is evident. A broken down walk–in fridge can mean the difference between a great catering event and an expensive loss of product. Don’t put your foodstuffs, or your customers’ or family’s health, at risk. Schedule for a refrigeration repair with us at the first sign of trouble.

The best way to prevent such problems from developing in the first place, of course, is to schedule routine refrigeration maintenance with a qualified professional. That is as simple as dialing our number. Call today to learn more about effective refrigeration in Corpus Christi, TX.

Ice Machines

It is hard to keep a bar running if you are struggling to produce enough ice for the night. A quality ice machine is a must for any commercial kitchen. Contact us if you are interested in exploring your ice machine options.

Walk–in Freezers

When you are in the business of feeding a number of patrons over the course of the night, a walk–in freezer is an important element. You cannot afford to take chances with the quality of yours. We can install your walk–in freezer and keep it running efficiently and consistently.

Walk–in Coolers

There is a lot of money stored in your walk–in cooler. Spoiled products can seriously set you back, and unavailable menu items can cause guests to scoff. Protect your food supply with a great performance from your walk–in cooler.

Reach–in Coolers

At the prep line, easy access to the ingredients you need is a must. With our reach–in coolers, you won’t have to worry about inconvenience. Allow us the pleasure of keeping your kitchen running smoothly with our walk–in cooler installation and maintenance services.

Beer Coolers

Whether you own a liquor store or a restaurant, or you are just a beer enthusiast, keeping your beers cold and ready to serve is a necessity. We can help you accomplish that goal. Just call us today, and we will set you up with the beer cooler you need.

Wine Refrigerators

Wine culture puts in place some very high standards. Whether you are an experienced sommelier, or you just want to keep your wines in great condition for your customers, you require a wine refrigerator that you can depend upon. We’ll see to it that you have one.

Restaurant Prep Tables

Space in the commercial kitchen is tight, and you need to keep everything flowing smoothly. A refrigerated restaurant prep table helps you navigate the challenges of every dinner service. For great residential and commercial refrigeration services in Corpus Christi, TX, Shellaby A/C & Refrigeration is the name to trust.


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