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Shellaby A/C & Refrigeration - Thermostats

Thermostats in Corpus Christi, TX by Shellaby A/C & Refrigeration

You depend on your thermostat to regulate the operation of your heating and air conditioning system, using it to keep comfortable throughout the entire year. However, you will only be able to do so when your thermostat is properly installed and appropriate for your usage habits. There are a number of options to consider when investing in a new thermostat, and our technicians at Shellaby A/C & Refrigeration are happy to help you choose the right one for your home and needs. Contact us today to learn more about available thermostats in Corpus Christi, TX. When you work with us, you can set temperatures accurately and easily for increased comfort all year long.

Our thermostat experts at Shellaby A/C & Refrigeration offer quality thermostat repair, replacement, and installation services throughout the Corpus Christi area.

Thermostat Installation and Replacement in Corpus Christi, TX

Any and all components of your HVAC system must be installed by a qualified professional. Your thermostat is no exception to this rule. While your thermostat is obviously the most accessible part of your heating and air conditioning system, that accessibility does not mean that you can take a DIY approach to the services it requires. When you schedule your thermostat installation or replacement with us, we will give you the information you need to choose your thermostat wisely. Once you have, we will install it in an appropriate, convenient spot in your home, ensuring that it is able to accurately read and regulate temperatures therein.

Wireless Thermostats

A popular type of thermostat these days is the wireless thermostat, and with good reason. With a wireless thermostat you won’t even have to get out of bed in order to make your night’s sleep more comfortable. Wireless thermostats also offer a lot of flexibility when it comes time for installation, as they need not be hard wired into your system to operate. For more information about how a wireless thermostat can benefit you, just give our team a call today.

Smart Thermostats

You may think that a thermostat is a relatively simple device, designed solely to give you the control you need to utilize your HVAC system effectively. Like most other gadgetry, though, thermostat technology has come a long way in recent years. That is why you may want to consider a smart thermostat installation in your home. Smart thermostats give you more control than ever before over your HVAC equipment, allowing you to control your system remotely via an internet–enabled device, as well as to track energy use in your home to help boost efficiency. Call with any questions you may have.

Digital Thermostats

Do you like to keep things simple around the house? If so, you might want to give a digital thermostat a shot. After all, their push button controls and clear digital display make accurately setting and reading temperatures a breeze. When it comes to thermostats in Corpus Christi, TX, Shellaby A/C & Refrigeration is the company you can count on for great products and outstanding services to match. Let us know when you are ready to schedule any thermostat services, and one of our exceptional technicians will be along soon.


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